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How do I make a booking ?

After an initial meeting with me, if you are happy to proceed with a booking, I will send you a link to an online booking form, which when completed and returned with a deposit of £100 will secure a booking in my diary. I will then send you confirmation of the booking in a PDF format which will also act as a receipt for your deposit.

How and when do we need to pay the balance on the package?

The balance should be paid three weeks before the wedding day. I need to be paid in sterling by either bank transfer or a cheque.

Do we have to pay extra to have you stay in the evening? How long is the coverage?

I am there all day and up to the first few dance's. There are no additional costs for my evening coverage. To give me the best chance of telling the complete visual story of your big day, Its best if I'm  present from morning to evening. I understand that some brides don't care much for bridal prep shots in the morning and that's fine. I am flexible regarding these times. I do not however negotiate on the package price if I am not required in the morning. If a couple decide they want shorter coverage, e.g photography for the afternoon only. I will negotiate a price for them on that. This will apply for a disc only package as the album packages require complete coverage.

Is there any travel expenses or any other hidden costs we need to consider?

All weddings within the borders of Northern Ireland will have no additional travel costs applied. If the wedding requires me to travel further I will ask the couple to cover my fuel bill from the border onwards and backwards,  overnight accommodation may have to be a consideration also in those circumstance's, depending on just how far the wedding is away. International weddings will be negotiated separately to the package price's. Its important to remember than when choosing photographs to be included in your album design, that if extra pages need to be put in the albums to accommodate more photographs than the standard amount then extra costs will apply. ( see the details on package price's)

How long will it take to see our pictures?

I should have an on line gallery uploaded to my site in about five weeks in the summer and two in the winter. It can be a little longer sometimes if after the couples wedding should coincide with my own summer break, but in those circumstances I'll let the couple know that I'll be away for a couple of weeks.

Do we have to decide on an album right away?

I like it when a couple do decide on an album at the booking stage because it helps me a little with my admin, but No, you can make that decision anytime really in the process. Some couples who had taken the disc package only have in the past come back to me a year later and I have been able to upgrade them to an album package. One point on this however is the price at booking time is the price you will pay for an album but if a couple come back after a considerable amount of time the album prices may have changed for the worst. Its preferable to decide early but not essential.

What happens if you are sick and can’t make it?

I have never missed a wedding yet, touch wood. In the unlikely event of a life threatening illness or close family bereavement, I have a a long list of professional photographer friends that I am 100% confident would come to my rescue at short notice.

How many photo’s do we get on the disc and when do we get it ?

On average each client receives around 400 high resolution jpegs on a DVD. I guarantee a minimum of 250 but its always a lot more than that. The images will be yours to do with as you please, share with family, print etc. The DVD is presented in a folio case and they will arrive at your home address ten days after your photographs appear on the on-line gallery ( see question, when will we see our photographs? ). Please ensure that you inform me of any change of home address from that on your booking form so the disc wont be able to go walkies in the postal system.

Is there an on-line gallery of the shots and who can see it?

Yes, I will host an on-line gallery of the edited pictures. This is to enable the couple to pic shots out for your wedding album design and to let family and friends have a look at the photographs. You will be given a unique password to view the gallery. It will be entirely up to you who you want to share the password and pictures with.

What do we do after the on-line gallery? If we want an album, what is the next step?

Your next move is to select approximately 65 photographs from the gallery. ( less is more) That is the standard amount of requested pictures I like to work with in a 40 page, 20 spread album book design. You can choose more pictures to be included in the album design if you need to but this will start to increase the price of the album package. ( see package price details for additional spread prices) When making your selection for album design from the online gallery or the disc, I am only interested in the last three digits on the file numbers. Send these numbers via email as soon as your happy with the selection you have made.

How long do we need to wait on an album after we choose our shots?

From the time a couple send me their picks for the album design to them receiving their completed album and package should be no longer than 6 weeks. In that period of time I will have to design the layout of the album and the couple will have to sign off on the design, then the album will be printed, manufactured and posted out.

Do we need to come and see you again before the wedding?

It's not totally necessary to see me in person. There will be fine details that we will need to go over and it is a good idea to meet up and chat over things, but I know the time leading up to the wedding can be stress city. I like to be able to get some of the fine details on email anyway so I can have things in writing and be able to refer to specific instructions on print. My door will always be open and it would be nice to be able to see you and familiarise ourselves again a week or so before the wedding but don't worry if its not convenient.

How many group shots do you do at the wedding?

I don't like to do much more than six group shots at a wedding. To do good elegant group shots requires a bit of time and planning so I always ask a couple to think seriously about what groups they want and who they want in them. There is nothing worse for everyone's stress levels than a crowd of shivering guests standing in a cold wind for an hour wondering if they are family or not family, should they be in this picture or should they not be and the best man running back and forward to the bar trying to find uncle John. Prior to the wedding we will discuss in detail who will be in the shots and those individual people will be made aware by email that they need to be present for the group shots. I know that all couples are different and all families differ greatly in size and I am happy enough to accommodate if you need to get more groups shots done, but be aware that it needs to be organised well.

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