Belfast Wedding Photographer Ken Haddock

About Ken

This is about me a Belfast wedding photographer, but more importantly its about you and your Wedding plans.
portrait of Belfast wedding photographer Ken Haddock
Firstly let me say thanks for stopping by, your very welcome here and I hope you enjoy the site. I studied photography 1990-94. I am a full-time wedding photographer and even though I make my living taking photographs, with each client I feel like I’m giving them something. I’m easy going, down to earth, normal, silly, an expert dress bustler, smile getter, occasional bride calmer-downer, dreamer, creative.

As a Belfast wedding photographer I have in recent years had the pleasure of taking on some commissions overseas and while happy to take these lovely trips when they come along I am still a working wedding photographer in Northern Ireland. I was born in Belfast in 1963 and I shot my first wedding in 1986.

My personal style of wedding photography

My unique and personal style of wedding photography combines classic wedding portraiture with dynamic reportage storytelling. As much as is possible, I photograph a wedding in a hands off manner, with minimal interference or instruction, I capture moments creatively as the day unfolds, the results are a compelling story of the wedding day told naturally.

With warm and friendly social skills and a natural artistic ability, the directed shots of groups and individuals are created effortlessly.

My promise as a professional wedding photographer

I consider my work a high calling and I promise to deliver professional photography with great pictures that capture the special moments you share together . I will provide a record and document of this special time in your family history that will be treasured as an heirloom for you and future generations of your family to enjoy. This is a very brief snapshot of who I am. I am very easy to get a long with so please give me a call anytime and arrange to call out and have a chat, see my printed work. Thank you again for stopping and having a look around, its daunting but also exciting work planning a wedding and I hope you have enjoyed and found inspiration in my pictures. You are always welcome and I am available anytime.
Best regards Ken.

Thank You