A romantic wedding at Harvey's Point |

A romantic wedding at Harvey’s Point

A romantic wedding at Harvey’s Point

Romantic wedding venue on the shores of Lough Eske, County Donegal Ireland

As far as wedding photography in Ireland go’s,  Harvey’s point is a romantic wedding venue in Northern Ireland. I have done about six weddings there and every time I do, I’m always struck by the friendliness of the staff and just how well my day seems to flow.

Weddings at Harvey’s Point includes panoramic views of Lough Eske and Blue Stack Mountains. I also enjoy the drive up from Belfast to Harvey’s point.

Bride; Tamara | Groom; Andrew | Date;      | Ceremony; | Reception;.

From “the Empire” in Belfast to “Harvey’s Point”

The first time I met Tamara face to face she was in a state of shock. I am a singer and I do a gig in the Empire bar in Belfast every Sunday night, . I’ve been doing the gig with my band there every Sunday for the past 15-17 years, ( lost count ) anyway, apparently Tamara is a big fan, her husband to be Andrew, got my phone number and asked if I’d do a special surprise performance for her. The couple had been out at Tamara’s birthday meal with their friends and family, I’d been given the keys of their house and when they returned home I was already sitting singing in the dark in their living room. There was screaming at first then it took about 5 minutes before she could take her hands from in front of her face. Later that evening when we got to talking we found ourselves booking in my services as a wedding photographer. Thank you for all of that Andrew. Andrew and Tamara are a gorgeous, gorgeous couple and my life is all the richer for having bumped into them.

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